27 czerwca 2023


By decision of the Supervisory Board of PETRALANA S.A., on June 20, 2023, a change in the position of the Chairman of the Board has been implemented.  […]
15 lutego 2021

Internal regulations of the ŚHP in a scientific article

The regulations introduced in our production plants during the pandemic allowed not only to maintain the continuity of their operation, but also became an inspiration for […]
16 października 2020

The PETRALANA Foundation helps seniors with shopping again

To protect the health and life of people from the special risk group, the PETRALANA Foundation resumes the project to help seniors in shopping. In its […]
28 sierpnia 2020

WWF organization at the PETRALANY factory

PETRALANA is the only company in Europe that uses coke oven gas to produce mineral stone wool. Thanks to this, it reduces carbon dioxide emissions by […]