12 marca 2024

Koksownia Bytom among companies with the NATO Business Entity Code.

Starting from March 4, 2024, the company belonging to the Śląski Holding Przemysłowy – Koksownia Bytom, joined the group of enterprises covered by the certified NCAGE […]
10 stycznia 2024

Silesian Industrial Holding: Development in Many Fields – Sport and Community in the Action Center

The Śląski Industrial Holding Group brings together many companies. It includes, among others, the Polish stone wool producer PETRALANA and the producer of the best coke […]
8 stycznia 2024

Wielka Świąteczna Akcja Dobroczynna 2023 – summary of the 6th edition

This year’s Wielka Świąteczna Akcja Dobroczynna, organized by the PETRALANA Foundation for the benefit of Bytom’s community , is the sixth edition of this beautiful event. […]
4 stycznia 2024

Petralana Foundation with the Medal of the City of Bytom for social activities

Medals of the City of Bytom were presented on Sunday, November 26, 2023, at the Bytom Cultural Center. This honorary award is given to individuals and […]